Thousands of hours and years of on-site trial and error and use/compatibility with Kat James’ Total Transformation® Programs have gradually accumulated this list. Most of these products are available on Amazon now. The links are to the best prices or particular formulas I found after a search. You’ll get an additional 15% off of many if you choose the “subscribe and save” option. Check back periodically for additional products or changed links that provide a better deal. Links change often on Amazon. So will brand availability and ingredients lists, so check those, too.  Thank you. —Kat James



Hempseed (zero net carb)

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin lemon, garlic, chili, basil

Cocoa butter, best price on raw, cold-pressed

Kara Coconut Cream

Miracle Noodles herb fettucini

Rice Bran Oil Gallon

Dark, Unhulled Tahini (the ONLY on Amazon)

Pork Rinds (buy from U.S. Wellness Meats (code: kat77)

Kyle’s small batch mayo (sugarless, best taste, less rancidity than avocado oil-based, org. eggs and sea salt)

Kelp Noodles (cross between sprouts and glass noodle; lasts a long time in fridge, no seaweed/briny taste; great in soup!)

Shirataki (zero net carb) macaroni(!)

Cholula Hot Sauce

Sonic Wasabi (real, no sugar, add water)

Toasted Sesame Oil (Asian flavor; best price)

Grapeseed Oil (cold price, great price)

Braggs liquid aminos (healthier alt. to soy sauce)

US Wellness Meats grass-fed (and finished) meats and raw cheeses (use code kat77 for 15% off first order up to $40)


Nicola by La Croix 48-pack (awesome cola essence sparkling water)

Organic Tulsi Lavendar

Rooibus chai, Numi

Ginger Treasure (loose, orange rind)

Persephone’s Tea (Similar to Essiac; fungal/blood cleanse)

Tumeric Ginger Tulsi

Turmeric Ginger Lemon

Tulsi Licorice

Mango Acai (great for flavoring KJ recipes)

Tazo Passion

Rooibus Earl Grey

Raja’s Cup

Sage Ginger Elderflower


Best-tasting vanilla stevia: NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia (Alc-free 2-pack)

Wintergreen by DoTerra

Cola, Sweet Drops (great in seltzer)

Chocolate Sweet Drops (amazing in water)

Mocha stevia (organic)

French Vanilla Stevia packets best price

Costa Rica 100% organic chocolate (use with caution per Kat guidelines)

Baharat (Turkish, great on eggs, better than curry) 

Maple Flav. Alc-free

Banana Flav. Alc-free, Frontier

Almond Flav. Alc-free, Frontier

Orange Flav. Alc-free, Frontier

Coffee Flav. Alc-free, Frontier

Mulling spice

Pumpkin Spice flavoring:


Liquid BioCell (Hyaluronic Acid Matrix, Multi-patented, Mirrors the body's natural composition exactly and is fully absorbable, Produces a 6000% increase in hyaluronic acid levels, Best results if taken at least twice daily for at least 3 to 6 months)

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics: This is THE, pre-, pro-, and post-biotic, live (not freeze-dried), multi-strain (not single-strain) microbiome-restoring "system" that needs no refrigeration (you can even chew it!)

Nrf1, Nrf2, and NAD-activating supplements: LINK:

Vitamin K MK7 (Jarrow)

Vitamin B: Doctor’s Best, Fully-active B Complex has folate and methyl B-12

D/K2 drops by Thorn (in MCT and mixed tochopherols)

Mag Threonate (Jarrow, great price)

Favorite Theanine (Suntheanine in easily-digested virg coconut oil-based)

Best Parasite buster: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, use a Tbsp in water for up to a week (high quality, best anti-parasitic and bulk food pest control)

Liposomal C (Scottish source, gelcap bypass taste) 

Zinc acetate (RARE!!)-containing C and Echination

Free Aminos by Nutricology (only w/out carb) 

Vital Earth (best!) Humic/Fulvic acids blend

Calm Magnesium

Kelp Root Extract

Pure Polar shrimp oil (10x the astaxanthin)

IndiumEase Liquid (joints, overall anti-aging)




Holy Basil  

D-Phenylalanine, Doctors Best (increase endorphin)

P-5-P (amino utilization) EZ melt sugar-free lozenge

Lipase (initial fat digestion)

Magnesium oil (I fill a roll-on with it)

Aloe juice by Georges (no-carb)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Melatonin 1 mg no sugar sublingual

Gamma Oryzanol (hot flashes)

Forskollin with Chromium



Leaky Gut defense

Vitex for hormonal balance

Dong Quai for hormonal balance

Adrenal Health by Gaia

Kelp Root Extract by FINE

Tanning and skin protection capsules


Kampuku Beauty Bar: Has the Dr. O's probiotic extract; Great body, deodorant, scalp.  

Magoroku Skin Lotion (same Dr. O's probiotic) is the most versatile balm for any irritation, vulnerable, or ravaged skin to bring back its acid mantle.

“Flossing” charcoal Tooth brush: charcoal-imbedded 

Spry toothpaste, high xylitol, fluoride-free 

Spry Herbal Mouthwash, high-xylitol and no alcohol 

Xlear sinus care saline/xylitol nasal spray 3 travel bottles to put in purse, etc.:

Spry mints:  

Wrinkle patches Seriously wrinkly-reversing (most versatile shape, reusable; overnight results)

DMSO, pharma-grade roll-ons and refill:

Estriol oil (skin sagging, vaginal changes due to “change”) 


DHEA MSM/shea topical delivery system is superior

Magnesium flakes, great price

Magnesium deodorant (brilliantly improved way to use topical magnesium!!)

Best Epsom Salts Deal: White Mountain Epsom Salts 3 lb. 4-pack

Eye Mask, Bucky, Forty Blinks: Doesn’t touch lids

Silverbiotics gel (antimicrobial/heal) 

Ozone oil pulling solution

Ozone oil oral care treatment

Ear plugs, softest, no more ear aches  

Lip plumper/cupper (no this is not an adult toy, it’s an instant lip plumper! (around $10); 2 for $14 

Pinhole glasses (yes, even the far-sighted can clearly through these; trains the eyes)

Pure Wave (best portable massager ever)

Sierrasil Spray

Primal Pit Paste deo, jasmine (use on top of above)

Sovereign Silver

Nutribiotic Grapefruit seed extract internal/external broad spectrum “big gun” may help you avoid synthetic antibiotics

Jane Iredale Steppes (mineral face colors)